Holy Perogy! was born out of love for perogies, respect for tradition, and an adventurous quest to create modern high-quality fast food. Holy Perogy! is the first perogy restaurant in the Greater Toronto Area that brings together the fusion of cultures from all over the world in a single mouthwatering menu.

See, a few of us here at Holy Perogy! are foodies. A mixed bag of different cultures, we share the love for great food, the never-ending hunt for unique restaurants, and an appreciation for places that serve great food.

That’s why we wanted to create a place that would tie it all together, transforming a classic dish of perogies with deep roots into something entirely new –enhanced and infused with unexpected bold flavors of different cultures and using only natural ingredients.

With that in mind, Holy Perogy! – a premium fast food restaurant – became a reality.


In addition to using only quality and all-natural ingredients in our culinary creations, we also have a higher purpose. Bridging the gap of gender inequality in the industry and in business in general, Holy Perogy! is a female-owned and operated restaurant. We believe it is our duty to support and promote diversity.

Fun Fact:
The logo of our restaurant proudly features Diana, our quirky CEO.


Located on The Queensway in Etobicoke, our flagship restaurant Holy Perogy! welcomes you to experience perogies like never before. Easily accessible from anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, come by and try one of our exciting takes on a classic perogy.